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  • color: blue (for now) 

  • happy place: the airport

  • subject to photograph: nature

  • cat or dog: both

  • beverage: espresso

  • inspiration source: art galleries

  • bands: zero 7, radiohead, rhcp, erykah badu

  • song: salt water sounds

  • food: check back with me later...

  • season: spring

  • type of weather: stormy

  • place to vacation: costa rica

  • trip taken: antarctica/south america

  • candy: dark chocolate

  • memory: space center adventure day with my dad in the 6th grade

  • live concert: elton john at bonnaroo

  • movie: home alone

  • movie genre: comedy

"the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"

- saint augustine

about the creator

. . . 

Born in south Florida but raised and currently located in Nashville, TN, Tiffany Clapp is an all around content creator who uses her formal training in Interior Design and Global Studies as well as her extensive travel portfolio to set the tone of her personal artwork and photography. Her love for color is ever so evident in her pieces where she never shies away from being bold and creative with her palette. 


The subject matter in her artwork remains abstract as her photography tends to focus on the natural world, products, and amazingly designed interiors by local designers. Using mostly acrylic and watercolor, the artist usually allows the mediums to work with gravity to create textures and colors that create endless landscapes where you can find new favorite points of interest with every look. 

The artist as a photographer found her love for the camera while in university for Interior Design, learning b+w film on her dad's vintage Vivitar. As much as she loves the photograph the world she loves even more to explore it. Her favorite travel companion is her grandmother. The two have been traveling together since she was a little girl, having gone from Hawaii to the Arctic Circle and Morocco to the Antarctic. 

It was travel that took her back to school for Global Studies knowing that she wanted to continue to explore the world and capture all of its colors, cultures, foods, expressions, landscapes, textures, etc. Her photography portfolio reflects that the big and the small are of equal focus as she tends to see everything as a photograph.

When she's not behind the camera or in front of a canvas she's making, collecting, and procuring ooak and curious items for her online interiors shop - Casa Bazaar.

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