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wandering through quebec
blue window
train station in paris
from the rooftops
gates to the emerald city
alley doors in italy
working the tannery
old town cartagena
atop of the spanish steps
la recoleta grey scheme
alley in fes
hidden in montemarte
the leaning teal frame
lime green buenos aires
entrance to the hospital
malaga through the arch
weathered and blue
not big enough for a man
blue door in tenerife
hidden stairs
canary yellow
roman colosseum
80s colors so rad
leaving the tannery
moroccan detail
pepto pink
window in the medina
eiffel tower through the trees
the louvre and the pyramid
louvre pyramid behind bars
last house at the top
hillside mansion
colorful taste of old town cartagena
auditorio de tenerife
roman architecture
blue umbrella
blue tops
community intent
tortuguero red
ancient architecture
beach front resort
just a splash of yellow
nostalgic for the nineties
deposito de coca cola
between the glass
unknown red dome
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