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logan pass - glacier national park
glacier national at dusk
weeping wall
glacier national park
waterton lakes, canada
a moment to view
resting at logan pass
glacier national park, montana
alberta, canada
life after the fire
glacier national park
glacier national park, montana
waterton lakes
on the border
view from the train no.1
view from the train no.2
elephant island
layers of landscape
shadowed sand dunes
a happy place
twin trees
jungle ahead
break of light
glacier national park
snowy trails
golden landscape
snow on the dunes
climbing the sand
great colorado sand dunes no. 1
layers in nature
tracks in the snow
the flag
just over the tracks
the looking post
cliffs of santana
down the dead end road
plain perspective
the distant red barn
clouds rolling over the rockies
snowy pastures
portage glacier
train top view
house in the woods
in awe
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